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The careful use of resources protects the environment and strengthens competitiveness. For more than a century the name of Marvel has been synonymous with innovation and advances in textile finishing.
It is our objective to offer our customers an alternative to the purchasing new machinery whilst maintaining the advantages of dealing direct with the machine manufacturer. Customers worldwide have benefited from machinery reconditioned by MARVEL.
Those who reach the leading-edge of the industry know there is a level of demand that exists. At MARVEL International, we provide true 5-axis milling and best-in-class service, which we believe is paramount for your success.

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This is the official website belongs to MARVEL INTERNATIONAL - A quality manufacturing company in the domain of Soft Flow Dyeing Machines.We can provide the fully automated dyeing machines with the striking combined technologies of pneumatic and electronic control systems imported from various parts of the world. We will alter the percentage of automation according to the individual needs of the customers to modify the cost of the machines to the comfortable level for the customers.

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We pride ourselves on being flexible to meet the needs of our customers, and you will find our staff friendly and professional, and commercially focussed.
Our experienced and qualified Marvel team is here to put your worries behind you, allowing you to concentrate on running your process.
Be sure you are getting the best value for your money with our flexible options.